Autolok Stoppa

Garages have been long favoured by criminals as attractive targets for breaking and entering. Garages are particularly vulnerable to criminals due to their distance from the main residence of the owner and the high value items that are often kept within them. Moreover, garages are often poorly secured with flimsy ‘up-and-over’ style garage doors which can easily be prised open at the bottom enough to allow entry. Therefore, garages present a very tempting target for opportunistic criminals who take advantage of vulnerabilities in order to steal high value items quickly and quietly. However, to counter such threats a whole new range of products have been designed to simply and cost-effectively secure garages including the Autolok Stoppa.

The problem

The Autolok Stoppa is designed primarily to prevent quick and easy attacks on ‘up-and-over’ style garage doors. Such attacks are usually carried out using a crowbar which is positioned under the door and levered downwards in order to prise the bottom of the metal door upwards. As the locking mechanism is traditionally located in the centre of the door there is very little to prevent this method of entry. However, the Autolok Stoppa is designed specifically to counter such a method of entry and it does so extremely effectively.

The design

The design of the Autolok Stoppa is extremely simple yet very effective. The lock is fitted at the lower end of the door and in the centre. On the outside of the door is a simple locking mechanism which features a discreet key lock with a weatherproof cap. On the inside of the door is locking arm which rotates when the key is turned inside the lock. When the lock is open the arm is in a horizontal position. When the lock is closed the arm is in a vertical position, connected to a securely mounted base plate on the garage floor. In the locked position the Autolok Stoppa effectively braces the garage door against the garage floor from the inside, prevent forced entry. More specifically, the mechanism prevents an object being placed under the garage door and being used to lever the door upwards.

The Autolok Stoppa therefore prevents quick and easy, opportunistic entry into a garage. With such a device entry would only be able to be gained by removing the entire garage door or cutting through the locking mechanisms. Such operations would create a lot of noise and attract a lot of unwanted attention which would entirely defeat the point of a fast and quiet raid on a garage. Combined with other security measures the Autolok Stoppa can ensure that the garage is an extremely unattractive target and that the average criminal will twice before attempting to gain entry.

The Autolok Stoppa provides a new and innovative solution to the problem of opportunistic raids on garage premises. The device braces the lower part of the garage door against the concrete floor in order to prevent the levering upward of the lower part of the garage door.