Garage Alarms

What is the purpose of a garage alarm?

Garage alarms are devices that can be fitted to any garage door. They can be enabled and disabled depending on the time of day or how often the garage needs to be used. A garage alarm is not dissimilar to a house alarm that may be installed to protect a house form any unwanted intruders. The purpose of garage alarms is to deter anyone from breaking into a garage in order to try and steal what is inside. A garage alarm is usually located on the inside of the garage. Once the garage door is opened, the alarm will be triggered, giving a certain amount of time to enter a unique code. If this code is entered within the short period of time given to do so, the alarm will switch off and will not sound. However, if the alarm code is not entered promptly, a siren will often sound to alert the homeowner and anyone else that the garage is being broken into, thus enabling the culprit to be caught. Many garage alarms do not give the burglar time to grab anything before they leave the premises quickly.

Why is a garage alarm so important?

Unfortunately, garage alarms are vital for anyone who owns a home and a garage. Garage alarms guard and protect against unscrupulous individuals who may attempt to steal whatever they can find inside another persons garage. Individuals such as these often target garages specifically as garages often contain valuable and expensive items that can easily and quickly be carried away from the scene of the crime. Such items may include hedge trimmers, wireless and electric drills, expensive toolkits and lawnmowers. The garage is also located far from the house and from where a homeowner may be sleeping. Thus, many thieves reason that stealing from a garage is not only profitable, but it is also less risky than breaking and entering the main home. Without a doubt, investing in garage alarms could save a lot of heartache, frustration, time and energy.

The main benefits of a garage alarm

A garage alarm can serve to protect whatever is inside the garage. Merely seeing that a garage alarm is in place will deter any potential break-in and thus any homeowner who has installed garage alarms can rest in peace of mind that the garage is safe as are the valuable items inside of the garage.

Other products to enhance garage security

There are many other products available on the market to those who want to enhance their garage security. These may include CCTV cameras and security lights that can be positioned above the garage. The CCTV cameras will capture images of anyone trying to break into a garage and the security light will clearly show when anyone is in close proximity to the garage. Both of these security measures may deter any break-in before it has even been attempted. Other security measures include heavy duty locking systems and garage defenders that may stop anyone from opening the garage door at all.