Garage Door Defender

Over the years there have been many new security measures developed to protect properties from intrusion and theft. However, with increasing crime rates the world over and criminals becoming increasingly desperate and daring, traditional methods of protecting property are becoming largely obsolete. Therefore, new security measures are in high demand which provide a new challenge to intrusion and theft and offer an effective deterrent against such activities. One area that is increasingly targeted by criminals is the garage due to its vulnerability and its distance from the owners of the home. To counter such a threat a new product has been developed which has been coined the garage door defender.

A new concept

Due to the nature of garages, the vast majority of security measures are focused around the garage door. As most garages do not have windows or other points of entry it is logical to concentrate security provisions on the door itself. However, criminals have found solutions to the majority of traditional security measures that focus on the garage door. Therefore, the ingenious garage door defender has been developed which approaches the problem of gaining entry through the garage door from a different and altogether new angle.

The application

The garage door defender features a mounting bracket which can be attached to the floor in one of two ways; it can either be bolted onto an existing concrete floor by use of steel bolts or it can be mounted within freshly poured concrete. Either way the device achieves a secure and flush mounting against the concrete floor which would be extremely difficult to remove. The second half of the contraption features a steel anchor which is then placed on top of the mounting bracket. The anchor is secured to the mounting bracket by means of an armoured shutter padlock which is secured to an eyelet on the mountain bracket which has already passed through the anchor. The anchor of the garage door defender features a broad cylindrical bar which protrudes to either side of the mounting bracket.

The garage door defender is designed to be used in conjunction with an ‘up-and-over’ style garage door. When the top of such a door tilts backwards to allow for entry the front moves upwards and outwards but is prevented from doing so by the garage door defender which is mounted onto the concrete immediately in front of the door. By preventing the operation of the ‘up-and-over’ garage door when the mechanism is locked, the garage door defender prevents entry to the garage. Entry to the garage would then only be possible if the entire garage door were removed or if the garage door defender itself were removed. Neither option is likely considering the amount of noise it would create and the amount of attention it would attract, particular as removal of the mechanism would require heavy cutting equipment.

The garage door defender offers a new and innovative method of combating crime which involves breaking into and entering garages.