Garage Security Alarm

When the contents of a garage are of great value and the threat to them is deemed high then it is well worth considering security measures which offer a higher level of protection than the average security provisions. While the majority of garages will feature a variety of locks and security lights, additional security provisions may include CCTV cameras and a garage security alarm. Such methods can effectively bolster existing security measures while providing a visible deterrent and an effective reaction to attempted intrusion. However, the garage security alarm provides the most recognised and efficient security measure for any garage.

Visual deterrent

The mere presence of a garage security alarm installed on the side of a garage can be enough to deter the majority of criminals. On seeing an alarm system the intruder will realise that there will be consequences to their actions either in the form of a loud alarm which will alert the surround area to their presence or a silent alarm which will alert the local police. Either way, the presence of an alarm system will deter all but the most daring criminals from continuing with their course. The use of an alarm system which features a continuously flashing light can be of additional benefit, ensuring that the alarm is noticed immediately even at night.

Reaction to motion

Of course the most effective aspect of a garage security alarm is the alarm signal itself. On the majority of alarms this is simply a very loud noise which alerts the owner and anyone in the surrounding area to a potential intrusion. This ensures that the intruder is well aware that they have triggered an alarm and will usually disrupt any criminal activities, causing the intruder to flee from the scene. Alternatively, some alarms do not have an overt alarm signal but rather trigger a silent signal which is transmitted to the local police, alerting them to the potential intrusion. The main benefit of this system is that the police are alerted automatically and the system does not rely upon someone noticing the alarm and calling the police themselves. Also, the silent alarm increases the chances that the intruders will be court at the scene of the crime as they would not be alerted to the fact that they had triggered the alarm. Moreover, some garage security alarm systems combine these two alarm features, ensuring that both those in the surrounding area and the police are alerted to the intrusion.

A garage security alarm system is a particularly effective method of protecting a garage premises as it acts as both a deterrent and a reactionary alarm system. When combined with further security measures including supplementary locks, security lights and CCTV cameras, the garage security alarm provides a complete security package which will deter all but the most determined criminals and ensure that even those criminals are not successful in gaining entry. An alarm system is a suitable security feature to bolster the security provisions of any garage.