Garage Security Doors

As with the majority of structures, the most vulnerable point of any garage is the means of entry. Generally speaking, gaining entry through the walls of garage would take too much time and attract too much attention for it to be considered by intruders. Therefore, as the most vulnerable point in the integrity of the garage, security measures should be concentrated around the door, ensuring that it is next to impossible to gain entry without the owner’s consent. To this end there are a wide variety of options available to ensure that the garage is as secure as it possibly can be.

Security doors

Garage security doors tend to be doors which are constructed primarily with security in mind rather than practicality or aesthetics. These doors tend to be constructed from a strong a strong metal which is difficult to bend or prise open and cannot easily be battered or cut into. Moreover, garage security doors tend to utilise sophisticated locking mechanisms with multiple points of contact. This reduces the chances of intruders being able to sheer off individual locks in order to gain entry to the garage. Furthermore, multiple points of contact prevent the door from being removed entirely or the hinges simply being drilled away.

Security locks

Simply increasing the number of locks on garage security doors can provide a substantial defence against intrusion. The more points of contact there are between the door itself the and the surrounding structure, the less likely it is that intruders would be able to gain entry. Moreover, there are a number of locking mechanisms which can further bolster existing security measures such as heavy duty locks and rotating locking mechanisms. A combination of such locks will ensure that any garage is virtually impregnable.

Garage door defender

Garage security doors can be further enhanced through the use of a garage door defender which adds an additional point of contact with the ground. Not only is this form of locking mechanism much more substantial than any other, it also has the advantage of connecting directly into the concrete floor. This security device is virtually impossible to remove or to operate the garage door without the use of heavy equipment. Garage security doors equipped with the garage door defender and a number of supplementary locks would prove to be an unmovable adversary for the average intruder and all attempts at entry would quickly be abandoned.

Garage security doors in themselves provide a high level of security against intrusion and theft due to their construction and operation. Moreover, numerous points of contact with the surrounding structure ensure little chance of removing the door. Furthermore, the use of heavy duty locks and equipment such as the garage door defender can add a third line of defence in protecting the contents of the garage against theft. A combination of all of these security measures plus hi-tech provisions can ensure that garage security doors provide a high level of defence against unwanted entry to the garage premises.