Garage Security FAQs

Garage security FAQs number 1: In what circumstances are garages vulnerable to intrusion and theft?

Garages can be vulnerable to intrusion and theft for a number of reasons. The primary reason could be lapse security with little care and attention paid to ensuring that the garage is secure. This may include leaving the garage door open for prolonged periods when it is not in use, substandard maintenance or little to no security provisions installed. A garage may also be vulnerable due to the contents such as high value items including cars and motorbikes. Moreover, a garage may be vulnerable to theft simply due to its location within an area that suffers from a high crime rate or targeted attacks.

Garage security FAQs number 2: What basic security measures are available for garages which are not at high risk?

There are a wide range of products available to assist in securing the garage premises which vary in scope according to the perceived threat. For low risk properties the best products would probably include garage security doors, additional or heavy duty locks and security lights. Such measures provide a basic level of enhanced security which will deter and impede the average criminal.

Garage security FAQs number 3: What security measures are available for garages when the threat is perceived to be high?

When the threat to a garage is perceived to be high, either due to the area in which it is situated or due to valuable contents, additional security measures may need to be implemented in addition to the aforementioned provisions. Additional security features may include CCTV cameras, an alarm system or even an advanced locking mechanism such as the garage door defender. These security measures offer a higher level of protection when they are implemented in addition to basic security provisions.

Garage security FAQs number 4: What are the benefits of installing an alarm system on a garage?

An alarm system really provides an all-round defence mechanism for the garage premises. First and foremost, an alarm system provides an overt deterrent for would-be intruders in the form of a box on the exterior of the property often fitted with a flashing light. Should this not deter the intruder, the alarm system will emit a loud, piercing alarm signal when it is triggered upon forced entry into the premises. This alarm signal will draw attention to the forced entry and often cause the intruder to flee without success. Furthermore, some alarm systems are fitted with a direct link to the local police force, alerting them to the intrusion and enabling a rapid reaction to deal with the intruder immediately. Therefore, an alarm system offers an all-round capability, providing a deterrent for would-be intruders, a reactionary response to forced entry and an alert to the local authorities which would assist in apprehending the intruder. Combined with CCTV cameras to capture evidence which can later be used in court, an alarm system offers an excellent defence mechanism for any garage.