Garage Security Locks

Locks have been highly effective in protecting personal property for centuries in a wide variety of forms and applications. However, in the past few decades locks have evolved considerably beyond a simple lock and key device with numerous variations being developed. Today, locks are employed in a wide variety of different guises, protecting people and property from intruders and thieves. Locks have developed alongside the technological developments which they have been designed to protect. The more advanced and expensive products have become, the more important the requirement for an effective locking mechanism. This is particularly relevant when considering garage security locks, whether designed to protect a car or other vehicle or whatever items may be stored within it.

Garage security locks are available in a number of different forms, often dependent on the type of door that is employed to gain entry to the garage. Common forms of door include traditional ‘barn style’ doors, roller shutter doors and ‘up and over’ lifting doors. Particular locks are more appropriate to certain types of door than others; therefore it is important to take into consideration the type of door that is to be secured prior to selecting a lock. In this way the highest levels of security can be assured for that particular garage.

The problem

Traditionally garage doors are supplied with a simple locking mechanism as standard which will retain the door in the closed position. However, such fitted locks do not tend to be of a high enough standard to resist persistent attempts to gain entry. Therefore, there are a number of garage security locks that are available to supplement the existing fitted locking mechanism in order to ensure enhanced protection for valuable items or an additional line of defence in areas with a high crime rate.

The solution

Additional standard door bolts or heavy duty door bolts are available to supplement existing locks. The principle is simple; the lock adds additional points of contact between the garage door itself and the surrounding frame, ensuring that the door is much more difficult to open when forced. On lifting doors it means that the lower section of the door cannot simply be prised open below the locking mechanism. Moreover, heavy duty garage security locks are more difficult to sheer away from the door or the frame. This form of locking mechanism may be simple but it is also extremely effective both as a deterrent and as an additional line of defence against intrusion.

One of the more advanced forms of garage security locks is the type which connect the garage door to the ground, either on the inside or the outside of the door. Such a lock does require a solid concrete floor either immediately outside the garage door to be effective but provides an extremely effective defence mechanism. The lock prevents any form of door from being moved without the complete destruction of the door. Garage door defenders are a recently much publicised example of this type of garage security locks.