Garage Security Systems

With the development of new technology, new security systems have advanced considerably, allowing new levels of protection which have never before been possible. Modern security systems vary in their role considerably, varying from providing an effective deterrent against intrusion to preventing or disrupting entry into property to providing evidence which will enable the authorities to prosecute the intruder in the future. Each level of protection is important and provides some degree of a fail safe for the previous level. This tiered approach to security is particularly important when considering garage security systems.

The deterrent

Any form of garage security systems can act as a deterrent when placed in a prominent position that is easily seen by a would-be intruder. Obvious locks which will hinder the process of breaking and entering will deter the intruder, while security lights can have the same effective. The overt positioning of an alarm system or CCTV camera can also ensure than an intruder thinks twice prior to attempting to gain entry. When all of these measures are combined the majority of opportunistic criminals will not even consider attempting to break into the property as they can see that the process will take too long and they will be able to see the repercussions.

The disruption

Disruption includes any type of garage security systems that will interrupt or impede entry into the garage. Additional locks or heavy duty locks are a good example of this as they will greatly slow down the process of breaking and entering. Security lighting can also have this effect as illuminated intruders will often break off their attempt at gaining entry. However, one of the greatest methods of disrupting the activities of an intruder is through the use of an alarm system which can alert the police and everyone in the surrounding area through use of direct police connection and a loud alarm signal. Very few intruders would continue with a break in knowing that they have triggered an alarm system.

The evidence collection

Not only do CCTV cameras act as a deterrent to would-be intruders but they can also record the details of an intrusion which can later be used in a police investigation and in court. Such cameras are very effective at providing concrete evidence which can be used to achieve a conviction against a criminal. Cameras act as a failsafe when other garage security systems prove unsuccessful at deterring or disrupting criminal activities. Unfortunately they are not guaranteed to prevent crime and the great inconvenience of a break in but they do provide the means to convict a criminal and potentially retrieve possessions.

When considering garage security systems it is very important to take into account the merits of the three different security measures: deterrent, disruption and evident collection. Garage security systems which are particularly effective combine all three measures to create an all-round security package which combines overt deterrents, obstacles to prevent intrusion and means of collecting evidence if the previous measures were to be unsuccessful.