Trojan Ground Anchor

A garage is an ideal place to keep vehicles safe and secure and away from prying eyes, however the vast majority of homes do not have such facilities and may not even have much in the way of grounds. This can result in the only available option being open to home owners without a garage being street parking. Street parking is not an ideal solution, particularly in areas which suffer from a high crime rate. Especially vulnerable are motorbikes and other small vehicles which can easily be carried off in vans or small trucks with minimal effort.

The solution

When a garage is not available and the land attached to the home is extremely restricted the options for securing a small vehicle are somewhat limited. However, there is a solution: the Trojan ground anchor. This ingenious product features a solid steel eyelet which is mounted upon a solid steel plate. The plate has a hole in each of its four corners which allows steel bolts to be driven through and into a concrete surface below. This mounting ensures a flush connection between the Trojan ground anchor and the concrete surface which guarantees that the mechanism cannot be prised from the ground or removed.

The application

The Trojan ground anchor provides an exceptionally secure fixing point on the ground which features an eyelet. A chain can then be threaded through the eyelet and secured to any number of high value items. For example, the Trojan ground anchor can be used to secure motorbikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, golf carts or even dune buggies so that they cannot be moved. For additional security a chain can be used which features plastic cladding to prevented the chain being easily sheered. A padlock can then be used to secure the two ends of the chain so that it is firmly anchored against the ground mounting plate.

The threat

Unsecured light vehicles are particularly vulnerable due to their size and their value. Opportunistic criminals can easily remove such vehicles from outside a house when operating in a small team. This removal operation can be completed in a matter of minutes and the vehicle often vanishes without a trace, never to be seen again. The vehicle can then be sold on the black market for a high price, resulting in a good profit for the criminals with minimal risk and planning. With a general trend toward an increase in crime rates such opportunistic thefts are increasingly common. Therefore it is important to take precautions to prevent a prized motorbike or other light vehicle being stolen.

The Trojan ground anchor provides a simple yet effective solution to the problem. Although it is not indestructible, the time taken to remove the mechanism and the heavy equipment that would be required would prevent an opportunistic theft and would draw a lot of attention. The Trojan ground anchor presents an affordable and cost-effective option for motorbike owners to secure their vehicle and ensure that the motorbike cannot be removed.